Working Mom Meet-Ups

March 31 11:00am @ Hatch Collection in Brentwood

Launching @ the Wing Los Angeles this Spring

Bring us to your workplace anytime!

Monthly Expecting Gathering

Our monthly gathering for expecting pregnant folk is where community begins. Gather with those on the journey in all phases from first to third trimester. Exchange wisdoms, questions, fears and tips for everything from morning sickness to comfortably sleeping.

New Moms Circle/Gathering

For all Doulaworks postpartum moms, our monthly gathering is a time to reflect, breath deeply and be surrounded by nonjudgmental support from fellow parents. No mom-shaming, no comparing, no agenda, just a safe comfy space to let your hair down. Facilitatated by a postpartum doula. Babies always welcome, though not required.

Speed-Dating with Doulaworks

A dou-what?? LC who??? Learn firsthand how a doula or experienced lactation consultant can make a difference in your experience. We know you’re busy, this is a chance to have your questions answered and to meet our doulas face to face in one go.