Support with Doulaworks begins with our Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond series which provides total preparation from pregnancy through postpartum. Look out for enriching pop-ups and experiences -you’ll be the first to know! Sign up for our series in Santa Monica or Hancock Park or contact us directly for a private customized experience with one of our educators.

Classes begin February 2019, register now for early bird discounts and perks.

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Physiology of Pregnancy and Labor:

The nuts and bolts of the process including nutrition, coping with pregnancy discomforts, the birth process and all options from home birth to hospital, and water birth to cesarean.

What Labor Looks Like, A Birth Rehearsal and your birth plan:

Birth as an experience. what to expect, how you might cope and what it could feel like to walk through the process for you and your partner

Postpartum Realities:

The transition to parenthood and caring for a new family unit. Physical recovery from childbirth, realities of changes in your relationship, planning for support and realities of going back to work.

Feeding with Love:

Comprehensive Breastfeeding preparation including both chest feeding and the basics of breastmilk substitution taught by seasoned doula and IBCLC. We’ll take you from what to expect at birth, when to start pumping and how to maintain supply if you return to work. (This takes the place of a traditional feeding prep class.)